See Sunday services and Social Justice and Environment (SJE) lectures that were recorded via Zoom.

Be Just and Kind – Yom Kippur

Sunday Services are held at the church but you may also view live online.  Click here to attend via Zoom on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


9:30 am Sunday Discussion (in the Social Hall).  Thomas Rebman:  An update on homelessness based on recent events.  … read more.

Barbie, Female Empowerment & Gender Dynamics

The summer box office hit Barbie caused quite a stir and continues to spark important discussions around gender inequality & patriarchy vs matriarchy.  Written & directed by Greta Gerwig, who was raised Unitarian Universalist, Barbie challenges us to re-imagine feminism while being mindful of the … read more.

Biomimicry and Joseph Priestly

9:30 Discussion.  Barbara Hill will lead a discussion on “Science Imitates Nature – Biomimicry,”  beginning with a short video. ONSITE ONLY

11:00 Celebration of Life. Rev Cynthia’s topic via video will be “Learning from a Universalist Forebear: Joseph Priestly” – JosephPriestley is described as an 18th … read more.