See Sunday services and Social Justice and Environment (SJE) lectures that were recorded via Zoom. As of 11/21/21, services are in person only and no longer recorded.

“Singing Bowls Meditation”

Sally Westover, Reiki Master, will present a Tibetan singing bowls mediation. Come and be prepared to relax to the beautiful sounds of the singing bowls. This will be our entire service. We will light the chalice and then prepare to relax and meditate.

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“Gratitude and Grief”

We are bound together in a web of reciprocity and gratitude. When we lose someone or something we love, gratitude lives on, even though reciprocity is no longer possible. We’ll explore the interplay of gratitude and grief and what we can learn from both.

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“The History of Tomorrow”

The decisions that we make in each moment, are creating the history of tomorrow. With awareness, we can be intentional in bringing healing, creativity, and hope into the story we are writing.

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