UUCLC welcomed a lovely group of neighbors to a Valentine luncheon party, and a good time was had by all.    LovExtension, a non-profit in Tavares with whom we work, distributed invitations to its clients living within walking distance of UUCLC.   Every table of guests had a congregation member at it, so that our guests could get to know us a little.    Many admired the church building, and several asked for a tour of the building or the memorial garden.   

SJEC served a soup and sandwich lunch to all – thank you to Sandy, Susan Z-B, Karen F, and Karen W for providing soup – and then everyone enjoyed a pretty Valentine cupcake.   Karen F led games of Valentine trivia and other party games, and Chris Higgins and Laurie Brothers led the singalong of golden oldies.   Janeane handled the audiovisual for the songs, and Bernie provided a warm welcome for the visitors.    Claudia and Dawn helped with the setup and the cleanup.    Alexandra and Bill D. and Rev. Cynthia hosted tables of guests.     With so many people to help, it was a really fun party.   The founder of LovExtension attended and thanked UUCLC for providing such a nice party.

Our guests left, each with a chocolate Valentine rose, saying what a good time they had had.   It was a privilege to have the opportunity to meet and chat with some of our neighbors.   Who knows – perhaps we will see some of these neighbors again.