Special Guest Speaker at 9:30 Discussion Group June 12

Bruce Cusic will speak about the Lake County LGBTQ+ community and specifically the Triangle Connection (TC) organization. With the transgender community facing the most hardships, Bruce will spend a considerable amount of time addressing transgender issues of today.

TC began 17 years ago when a group of gay friends relocated from the Boston area to Lake County and felt the need to have a social and support network. Today they have about 1,300 friends,

including international followers on Facebook who identify as part of TC and the very important ally friends.

Bruce is a former president of TC and currently serves on their board. A native of north Florida, he spent most of his career living and working across the U.S., China, and the Philippines with the call center industry as a director and senior VP. He and his husband retired to Mt Dora a few years ago and also spend part of their time in Ormond Beach.