Special Discussion on Attacks on Transgender Rights – Sunday, April 16, 9:30 am

Linda Roberts and Katie Koehler will discuss the attacks on Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) individuals in society, as exemplified by the hundreds of bills proposed by state legislatures that seek to limit the rights and health of TGD persons, and the science, medicine and other resources that support their full and equal rights.  They will also make recommendations as to what individuals can do to support the TGD community in the face of these assaults.

Linda Roberts bio

Linda Roberts, a transgender female, is a leader in DignityUSA receiving a President’s Award in 2022 for her outstanding leadership as an advocate for trans and nonbinary persons, locally, nationally, and internationally.  She lived her first 50+ years as a married man with children, although Linda had many questions about gender identity.  She currently has three children and six grandchildren.  Linda applied her B.S. degree in Commerce to eventually play a key leadership role in the integration of the New York Stock Exchange’s regulatory organization, which helped NASDAQ grow into prominence.   She continued to present as a male at work because of a lack of legal protections for transgender persons, but continued to provide her family’s financial support, even though she had moved out of the home. After retiring in 2011, she began the process of transitioning to female and has spent much of her time advocating for transgender and non-binary people.  She has received numerous awards for her volunteer efforts to bring positive changes to the lives of transgender persons.  She has participated in nine volunteer trips with Global Volunteers, including delivering lectures on Transgender 101 and her personal story.  She also visits with transgender inmates in Coleman, FL.  Linda is active in many sports and belongs to the Rainbow Family & Friends in the Villages. 

Katie Koehler bio

Katie Koehler is a transgender female and a retired letter carrier from New Jersey. Last November she spoke at our Transgender Day of Remembrance service and discussion. Katie is active in the Rainbow Family & Friends in The Villages. She strongly believes that “we who are blessed have an obligation to those who are struggling.”