Speaker: Janeane Reagan

Janeane Reagan received her PhD in clinical psychology and her masters in experimental psychology from Kent State University.  She taught psychology at Akron University’s Wayne College for 8 years while completing her PhD at Kent.  She opened a private group counseling practice which she ran for 20 years in Medina, Ohio.  After moving to Florida in 2003, she continued to work part time in private practice and retired in 2017.

Janeane enjoys writing.  She published a sport psychology book for equestrians in 2013 and has written for several equestrian magazines. Each winter she presents one or two workshops on sports psychology for members of the US Equestrian Teams that train in this area.

Janeane has had several short stories published.  In the last few years she has taken up storytelling, using her short stories as her material.  She has performed at the Florida Storytellers Festival and their recent on-line showcase, as well as here at UUCLC and at Lakeview Terrace.  She has written two books that tell the story of an extraordinary cat, Downtown Miss Kitty, who has her own Facebook page.

She lives in Altoona, Florida with her husband Bernie and her cat Lolli.

“Welcome to the Halloween Party”

The transition from the brightness of summer to the darker days of winter has spawned many different traditions around the world. We will look at some of these rituals, including the origin of our own version of Halloween. Let’s party.

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