Transgender Rights and Moral Inventory

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9:30 Discussion. Topic: Attacks on Transgender Rights. Linda Roberts and Katie Koehler, both transgender females active in Rainbow Family & Friends in The Villages, will discuss the attacks on Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) individuals in society, as exemplified by the hundreds of bills proposed by state legislatures that seek to limit the rights and health of TGD persons, and the science, medicine and other resources that support their full and equal rights.  They will also make recommendations as to what individuals can do to support the TGD community in the face of these assaults. ONSITE ONLY.

11:00 Celebration of Life. Guest speaker Rev. Kaaren Anderson’s topic via video will be “Taking One’s Moral Inventory” and what it means to get to our best self, showing up for others. (click here on Sunday to watch on Zoom).