Special UUCLC Sunday Morning at Trout Lake Nature Center

All UUCLC Sunday morning activity on Sunday April 30 will be at Trout Lake Nature Center in Eustis (the 11:00 am service can also be viewed on Zoom).    Since UUCLC is a sustaining sponsor of Trout Lake, they are very generously giving us exclusive use of their property for the morning.    This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a very beautiful space and reconnect with nature on a personal basis.

The April 30 program is as follows:

9:45 – 10:45 a.m. : Walk the nature trails, visit the lakefront dock, explore the natural history museum and the displays in the Education Building, enjoy tai chi under the trees, try gentle chair yoga, walk a labyrinth, gaze at the famous Trout Lake grandfather oak.    Or maybe just walk around and hug trees.    There will be lots to choose from.

11:00 – 12:00 : A special Honor Earth service  in the main building, put together by SJEC.    Dr. Beverly Ward will be the speaker.   This service will be a little different and a lot memorable.  Service will be available on Zoom here

12:00 : Social hour with sweets, water, iced tea.  

Bring your own sandwich and enjoy a picnic with your congregation friends at the picnic tables under the tree.

Lavon Silvernell will lead a nature walk for those who want to know more about the flora and fauna on the Trout Lake property.

Come along for a wonderful day out!


The gate to Trout Lake Nature Center will be closed since the property will not be open to the public.    Use a temporary code 4141 on the keypad to open the gate.   It will close automatically after you.  

Trout Lake Nature Center address
520 E County Road 44
Eustis, Florida