“Resilience: The Foundation of Our Past , the Architecture of Our Future”

SERVICE WILL BE ONSITE (but also available to watch on Zoom).

In recent decades the question of what resilience is and how you get it, has been a topic of interest in psychology for both the betterment of individuals and of organizations.  We will explore the conclusions of this area of psychological study and look at how resilience has manifested in our congregation in the  these past two and a half challenging years, as well as how it will mold our future.

The annual meeting will follow immediately after the service. Election of the new board officers and trustees will occur as well as voting on changes to the Congregational Covenant and the proposed 8th UU principle.  Everyone in the congregation is encouraged to attend.  Only members can vote.  If you are not sure of your membership status, please contact Val Rosado who will check the data base for you. If you are physically unable to attend or are out of town on that date, please contact Henry Millat for an absentee ballot. Ballots must be received prior to April 10th.

Our COVID protocols have changed. Here are the COVID protocols our Safe Congregation Committee has provided for all in-person activities in the Church as of March 25, 2022.

COVID risk level for Lake County is rated as ‘low’ by the CDC. We recommend moving to an environment of personal responsibility and removing COVID restrictions with the following guidance:

  • Masks are not required but may be worn at any time if an individual desires. If a mask is worn, the KN95 mask is recommended as it offers the most protection. Social distancing will no longer be required. Members will respect each person’s choice regarding masking and social distancing.
  • Each member has a personal responsibility to maintain their vaccination status, to not attend services if they test positive or have symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID, and to report symptoms if they develop after attending church services.
  • Please continue to check in, or, in the case of guests, sign in, so we will have a record of your attendance and be able to contact you should there be a COVID diagnosis for someone attending. This applies each time you enter the building.
  • We will continue with in-person services.
  • The building will be open for small groups.
  • 9:30 am Sunday discussion group may meet in the Social Hall.
  • The Hospitality Committee may resume coffee service and potlucks.
  • We may resume singing with masks not required.
  • Choir may resume with masks not required.
  • Outdoor events, such as Tai Chi will continue with masks not required.

The Safe Congregation Committee and the Board will continue to monitor the situation in our area. Our protocols are based on our community COVID status and may change in the future. Thank you for remaining patient and flexible!

Thank you for your cooperation!

UUCLC Safe Congregation Committee 3-22-22