GIS and Creativity

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9:30 Discussion. Bill Davenhall will discus “What is GIS?”  ONSITE ONLY

11:00 Celebration of Life.  Our guest minister (on video) will be Rev. Kaaren Anderson, and her topic is “Fireflies and Genius.”  One of the primary reasons we get tripped up when it comes to creativity has to do with fear and judgment. We may have had an elementary school teacher who told us dogs do not look like pigs, and penguins are not fire hydrants with wings.  Perhaps it was a high school English teacher who told us our writing metaphors were stale and well worn, or a camp director who said we couldn’t act our way out of our lamest lie… Well to that I say: hogwash!…each and every one of you is indeed creative!  ONSITE AND VIA ZOOM (click here on Sunday to watch on Zoom).