“Deadly Serious”

Rev. Randy Becker will be speaking on February 27 and March 6 in a series he is calling
“It’s a Matter of Life and Death.”

Overall description:  We Unitarian Universalists are very adept at
considering and discussing topics of social responsibility.  We even try
our minds at issues of theology. But, we rarely stop to consider the two
central topics of life and death. In two related services, let’s explore
how our views of life influence our views of death, and our views of
death influence our views of life.

March 6: “Deadly Serious”

Let’s face it – we are all going to die.  Physical existence for us will
end.  Is that ending the end of it all, or only a portion of a longer
journey?  Is the sequence a pre-life, then a life, and then an
afterlife? Or perhaps there is nothing after death? We admit that no one
knows the answer, but the response of each person shapes, consciously or
unconsciously, how they live.

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