Being an Ally to the LGBTQIA+ Community, Welcome All You Saints, and Special Collection

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9:30 Discussion Group. Danielle Olivani, Lake Pride will discuss “What Does It Mean to Be a Real Ally to the LGBTQIA+ Community?” ONSITE ONLY.

11:00 Celebration of Life. Rev. Katie Culbert’s topic is “Welcome All You Saints.”
ONSITE and VIA ZOOM. (click here to watch on Zoom).

Special Collection. As a Welcoming Congregation, UUCLC needs to donate financially to an LGBTQ+ charity.  At our October 30th Sunday service you can donate to Lake Pride, which is a non-profit organization that our Welcoming Congregation committee has chosen to support.  Lake Pride is a non-profit that helps to educate Lake County about LGBTQ+ issues.  It provides support groups for youth, and helps to celebrate the diversity found in the LGBTQ+ population.  We have a special black box labeled “Welcoming Congregation” for your donations to Lake Pride.  It is on the table to your left, as you leave the sanctuary.  You can also mail a check to UUCLC’s P.O. Box.  Let’s be especially generous to help support thoes in need, especially when our state leaders are saying, “Don’t Say Gay”.  If you are writing a check please make it payable to UUCLC and put “Welcoming Congregation” in the memo line.

Our COVID protocols can change weekly. Please see updated information each week in the Weekly Bulletin. You can sign up for the Bulletin here. Thank you for remaining patient and flexible.