Backyard Nature and The Battered Earth: Injury, Loss, and Healing

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9:30 Discussion Group. “Backyard Nature” with Dr. Beverly Ward and Ms. Lavon Silvernell. Dr. Ward will address landscaping and Ms. Silvernell will focus on animals.  Together, they will teach us how we can create a healthier planet in our own backyard. 

Dr. Ward is an anthropologist who provides technical assistance to communities on environmental and social justice issues. She is the Field Secretary for Earthcare at Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Ms. Silvernell is a naturalist who has served Lake County as administrative director at Trout Lake Nature Center, president of the Lake Beautyberry Florida Native Plant Society, and board member of the Ocklawaha Valley Audubon Society.

11:00 Celebration of Life. “The Battered Earth: Injury, Loss, and Healing” with Dr. Beverly Ward. ONSITE and via Zoom. (click here to watch on Zoom). Dr. Ward will invite congregants to share concerns on the urgency of climate collapse, reflecting on the harm of human impacts–environmental, interspecies, and intraspecies. Her message will include thoughts, gleanings, and future work on grief and loss. Finally, Dr. Ward will share hopes on how we can support each other through this transition, seeking to repair and heal ourselves, our communities, the Battered Earth.

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