NAACP, Beauty, Flower Communion, and Potluck

Chalice picture

9:30 Discussion. Martha Taylor, president of NAACP Tri-city Chapter, will speak on the NAACP’s mission and activities.  ONSITE ONLY

11:00 Celebration of Life. Reverend Snavely will speak to “Who is Beautiful” via video:  Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Amondi Nyong’o published a children’s book in 2019 “Sulwe” about a dark-skinned girl who wants to be lighter but who learns that dark too is beautiful. Can we see the beauty in ourselves and all others or has society blinded us to some beauty?  ONSITE AND VIA ZOOM (click here on Sunday to watch on Zoom).

The service will also include our Flower Communion:  “In June of 1923, worshipers at the Unitarian Church in Prague, in the then-Czechoslovak Republic, were introduced to a new ritual by their minister, Rev. Norbert Fabian Čapek. That ritual has endured and is treasured by Unitarian Universalists around the world who are now eager to celebrate its centennial.”

During the singing of our closing hymn, you will be invited to come forward and take a flower different from the one you brought symbolizing the sharing of our beauty, gifts and brightness with one another.  If you cannot come forward, please indicate to an usher that you wish them to bring a flower to you.  If you are with us via Zoom this morning you might virtually both offer and  claim a flower in the chat.

Read more about the ritual here.

Our monthly potluck follows the service.