Online Lecture Thursday, August 5: The Science of the Green Swamp

The Lake County Conservation Council has invited Dr. Mark Fulkerson, Chief Professional Engineer and Will Vangelder of the Southwest Florida Water Management District to participate in a lecture about the history, hydrology, and uses of the Green Swamp.

The lecture will be online only on Thursday, August 5, at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Dr. Fulkerson has vast experience in the history and hydrology of the Green Swamp and the many river systems that originate in the Green Swamp.

Mr. Vangelder will provide a background information on the location, historical and current uses, as well as the wildlife corridors that rely on the Green Swamp for long term biological health. They appreciate the opportunity to present to the Conservation Corp and feel that they can provide a broad scope of information for the group.

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