Ruth King Sings at February 18 Service

Ruth King is an American musician, performing artist, songwriter, and author.  Musically, her original vibe is described as Acoustic Blues.  Ruth has performed for many at the House of Blues, on college circuits, and to music festival audiences nationally.

2024 finds Ruth singing songs and presenting programs on the topic which matches her brand new book, RUTH: When I was thirty-five years old, I became Black. Her memoir brings hope for racial healing in our World today.

Born to Dot Records rhythm and blues recording artists from Washington, D.C. in the late 1950s, Ruth was surrounded by live original music – music which inspired her early years of self-taught guitar playing, singing, and songwriting.

The passion of Ruth King’s voice springs from the stages she performs, to the pages of her book, and in her melody and lyrics as she blends song with solution.