Restoring Our Wildflower Garden Is Underway

The idea of restoring the wildflower garden was presented at the Congregational Initiative discussion in February, 2023 as a conservation initiative.  The garden would demonstrate landscaping with native plants. 

Ten people signed up to participate in the project.  Phase 1 consisted of 5 sessions of cleaning out the overgrowth and weeds.  Lavon Silvernell, a naturalist and original planter of this area, joined us.  She introduced us to the Four Goals of Ecological Landscaping: 1) Support a diverse group of pollinators 2) Provide energy for local food web 3) Manage the watershed in which they lie 4) Remove carbon from the atmosphere.   We are incorporating these goals into our garden. 

Phase 2a involved designing the garden and layout and choosing the right plants for the space.  A figure 8/infinity path will be created in the garden area.  Walking a Figure 8 path has multiple physical health benefits,  may be meditative, and is practical to get to the interior of the garden for trimming and weeding.  A bench will be placed in the shadiest area for persons to sit, reflect, and observe the habitat.

During the planning stages, it was learned that Ginny Morgan and Frank Bishop had donated funds to UUCLC for a Memorial Garden.  After discussion with Christina Wilkins and the UUCLC Board of Trustees,  it was decided that this project would qualify as a Memorial Garden and a sign stating “Memorial Garden donated by Ginny Morgan and Frank Bishop ‘ will be installed when the planting is completed.

In the future the team hopes to add a labyrinth and an area where cremated ashes can be buried.  This phase would require additional funds and has not been presented to or endorsed by the Board of Trustees at this time.