Pride Month at UUCLC

Our Welcoming Congregation committee has several educational events planned for UUCLC during Pride Month.

On June 17th, UUCLC is distributing LGBTQ children’s books at the Lake County Pride family celebration at Wooton Park in Tavares.  This event will have music, entertainment, food, vendors and children’s activities from 2-10 PM.  Our Welcoming Congregation committee will have the UUCLC tent set up to promote our church and our “welcoming” activities.  Put on some rainbow colors and join in the fun.

UUCLC is honored to host a Sunday, June 18th 9:30 AM Discussion with Rich Silcox, who was at the Stonewall on June 28th, 1969, when the police raided it and started making arrests.  Rich will be coming to us from Minnesota on Zoom. He will give us a first-hand report of what life was like for a gay man in NYC in 1969.  This Discussion will also be available to anyone via Zoom with a special link which will be in that week’s Bulletin.  Rev. Cynthia’s sermon topic that day is Remembering Stonewall.  It will be a very interesting and educational morning, especially in the hostile, political climate that Florida has become.

On June 20th the Welcoming Congregation committee is showing a PBS documentary, Mama Bears, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Social Hall.  Conservative Christian beliefs have defined their lives.  Now they’re championing their LGBTQIA+ children.  Click the links for more information and view the movie trailer.

Our UUCLC library has a new LGBTQIA+ display to the left when you walk in.  There are booklets from the national organization,, which is dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families.  They are available for you to check out and return, so others may read them.  They are very well written and worth the time to explore.  This is a good time to educate yourself, so that you can learn more ways to be welcoming and inclusive to others.

June is a great time to learn more about this timely topic and to show how powerful love can be in overcoming hate and prejudice in our community and world today.