Local Opportunity to Recycle Plastics

Trout Lake Nature Center is participating in the NexTrex Recycling Challenge to recycle unwanted and difficult to recycle plastics. NexTrex is working to divert plastic waste away from landfills and instead give it a new life as beautiful and sustainable decking. 95% of the plastic collected and returned to NexTrex is used to make composite decking, benches and other products.

By joining the Challenge, TLNC will collect a variety of flexible plastics over the next 12 months. If we collect 1,000 lbs. of plastic, we will be gifted a composite bench for use on one of our trails. Because recycled plastic doesn’t weigh very much, we need your help to reach our goal. Start collecting now and bring your plastic to TLNC anytime during open hours. Even if we don’t reach the weight requirement in 12 months, we will still reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills, oceans, roadsides and natural lands.

Bring your plastic waste to TLNC.  The recycling container is found inside the education building where it can be kept clean and dry.