Comunity Action

We strive to promote Unitarian Universalist values within our congregation and in outreach to the local community. We do this by:

  • Educating the congregation about how we can make a difference individually and within our congregation.
  • Educating the congregation about social service needs in the local community,
  • Communicating social service volunteer opportunities to the congregation,
  • Coordinating congregational social service projects,
  • Raising funds for local social service needs.

We partner with local public interest groups and faith-based organizations to work in four main areas:

1. Civic engagement and public witness: events, rallies, civic meetings, and contacts with local, state and federal officials
2. Coordinated communications: letter-writing, petition-signing, and social media outreach
3. Education on public policy issues: forums, worship services, films
4. Voter participation: help with voter registration, education, involvement, and oppose voter suppression

Learn more about our community partnerships and resources here.