Man on phone

When you call an elected official, you probably won’t get to talk with the elected official.  Just leave a message with an aide or on an answering machine. To avoid a busy signal, you may want to call in the evening, before dawn, or on the weekend.  

Whether you call or send an email, please state your name and zip code.  Identify the subject.  You may want to personalize the message by stating why this bill is important to you.  Mention any expertise in the area.   Be polite and brief. State how you want the representative to vote.  Never be mean or insulting.  You probably won’t be asked to justify your request.  If you reach an aide, he or she will most likely just thank you for calling and promise to let the elected official know you called. 

SAMPLE MESSAGE:  Hello, my name is William Brown and I live in Florida in zip code 34748.  I urge Representative Smith to prevent gun violence by supporting background checks.  I am a gun owner.  Responsible gun ownership includes background checks. I urge Representative Smith to vote yes on House Bill 123. 

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