The 2022 Florida Legislature is currently in session and is considering many controversial bills.  A list of bills and their status is available here.  It’s a bit overwhelming! 

As these bills move through the process, we need our voices to be heard. Below are links to help you stay informed and contact your representatives, as well as committee members as bill pass through the various committees.

Learn more at,, See also Contact Your Representative.

Sign up for alerts from UU Justice Florida for updates on specific bills it supports or opposes. See also up-to-date alerts on the Facebook pages of UU Justice Florida Group and League of Women Voters Florida.

You may also wish to view “Examining the 2022 Florida Legislature in Light of Our Values“, a forum presented by UUCLC on January 30th.

Of particular interest to UUCLC are bills in the House and Senate pertaining to rooftop solar. These bills favor the utility companies, and would have a devastating impact on Florida’s solar industry. Learn more and speak up here.