Holiday “Bring and Buy” December 3rd and December 10th


One way that we can help our planet and our climate is to consume less by reusing things that we already possess. Every year people buy lots of items just for holiday gifts for other people. Producing the goods for this burst of consumerism consumes vital planet resources and sends harmful chemicals into the air, water, etc. Your Social Justice and Environment Committee wants to help. Every one of us has items at home which we don’t use or want but are still in giftable condition. On
December 3 and December 10 we will have a “Holiday Bring and Buy” at the church. People donate giftable items from their own possessions, and SJEC puts the items on display. Then people can select whatever they can make use of for gifts or for themselves, and make a donation of whatever size they wish. The voluntary donations will be used by SJEC for its donations to local charities working with poverty and homelessness.
We did this for the first time in 2022, and the congregation had fun with it. People were happy to get some unwanted but giftable items out of their home, and were delighted to find nice items for their holiday shopping list.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO NOW? Keep your eyes open for giftable but unwanted items in your home. Perhaps a friend or neighbor has some giftable items that they would like to dispose of in a climate-helpful way? We will request that you bring in your items in late November.