Giving at Thanksgiving in Support of Lake Cares Food Pantry

UUCLC’s Social Justice & Environmental (SJE) Committee invites our congregation and friends to help Lake Cares Food Pantry feed families in need this Thanksgiving.

Step 1: Go to a grocery store and purchase the following items to feed a family of two. Please make sure that none of the “use by” dates have expired.

  • $15 gift card
  • Reuseable shopping bag
  • About a 14 oz. can of green beans, corn, cranberry sauce (or pineapple), yams (or pumpkin), chicken broth, and turkey (or chicken) gravy.
  • Small box or package of cornbread mix, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

Step 2:  Put all the items in the reusable shopping bag and bring them to UU no later than Sunday November 12th.  The SJE Committee will add a Happy Thanksgiving card and a UU flier, and will deliver them to Lake Cares Food Pantry.

If you want to feed a family of six people, please triple the amounts of the items on the list.  You may need two shopping bags. For more information, please call Jane Hepting at 352-250-6771.

Thank you.