Florida Interfaith Coalition of Reproductive Health and Justice

I am happy to announce the UUCLC board approved our signing the letter to join the Florida Interfaith Coalition for Reproductive Heatlth and Justice.
Liberal religions have always been on the forefront of reproductive planning. Since 1987, UUA has officially supported the right to choose, and reaffirmed this several times.  Florida UU’s have been active in supporting reproductive justice; testifying in Tallahassee, writing letters, and supporting planned parenthood etc.  The Florida Interfaith Coalition For Reproductive Health and Justice is a grassroots organization composed of many faiths and individuals in support of the following mission and vision. ” Mission: The Florida Interfaith Coalition for Reproductive Health and Justice supports and protects the right to safe and legal abortion services and the broader range of reproductive health care services through education and advocacy.     Vision:  We envision a Florida with access to affordable reproductive health services as a moral and social good for all Florida residents and working as an ally for reproductive justice for all Floridians. Affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all persons, we strongly support the constitutional right of religious liberty and the right of each person to make reproductive health care decisions in accordance with their own conscience and faith beliefs, without shame or stigma. (https://www.flinterfaithcoalitionforreproductivehealth.org/)