Field Trip to the Royal Community on July 24, 2024

Royal is one of Florida’s oldest African American communities; 5 miles west of Wildwood. It was founded by former slaves from the Old Green Plantation located near the Withlacoochee River, when slavery was abolished in 1865. Royal is not engulfed, nor enslaved by present new development, its rich heritage vanished from the State of Florida historic landscape. One uniqueness is that Royal is made up of 40 Acres & 80 Acres parcels held from General Sherman’s 40 Acres & A Mule rule # 15.

The guided tour of the museum will begin at 11am.  (It will be inside and air-conditioned.) Following our visit we are planning to go out to lunch.  Carpooling from UUCLC will be available for anyone interested.  A signup sheet in Narthax will be coming soon. Please contact Karen Frank at 352-205-1931 or