The Story of Harvey Milk (movie)


May 20, 23    
2:00 pm

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Harvey Milk was California’s first openly gay public official. He and San Francisco’s mayor were tragically
assassinated in the City Hall by a disgruntled former member of the Board of City Supervisors. Harvey Milk
(1930-1978) was influential not only in his public service but also in his unrelenting advocacy and support
for the rights of gay people around the world.

Sean Penn stars as Harvey Milk in a stunning performance that has helped audiences around the world
understand the struggles and discrimination faced by all LGBTQ+ people everywhere. In 128 minutes, the
film helps viewers better understand the importance of Milk’s message and the legacy of his hope,
perseverance, and love. This “R” rated film is a powerful storytelling event with poignant performances. The
movie celebrates and demonstrates the impact one person can have on the world.
Come join us in watching this film together!

The UUCLC Welcoming Congregation Committee
Chris Cleveland, Chair