Bill Davenhall, Wendy Pacek, Denny Libby


The purpose of the 10:00 Discussion Group is to give attendees an opportunity to speak in a nonjudgmental environment, where all of the various elements of the group are interconnected, so that each discussion is both informative and enjoyable!




Discussion Group is a one (1) hour meeting held every Sunday starting at 10:00AM when Sunday Service is held in the UUCLC Building.  When there is no Church service in the building Discussion Group will be Held after the Service on the same ZOOM link connection that was used for the service.


The Discussion committee schedules speakers, videos, general discussions, slide show presentations from both UUCLC Members & outside professional experts. Speakers with knowledge about historical events, science, environment and other current topics are invited to be a facilitator.  It can also be the forum for panel discussion (if desired).  In summary, this is a non-judgmental area where topics can be presented and discussed.




Normally facilitators will begin the session with a topic for the group to discuss.  Opening statements or comments by speaker/facilitator should be brief (less than 10 minutes) followed by either QUESTIONS OR DISCUSSION (reminder-This is NOT a debate.)  To prevent a few individuals from monopolizing the meeting we have developed GUIDELINES (pg. 4) that ensure all attendees have an opportunity to speak on the topic. 




The Discussion Group Committee will select one record keeper to be responsible for keeping a list of all Sunday dates, speakers/facilitators and their topics.  This person will inform the appropriate people as soon as possible of the above information for publication in the weekly Bulletin, monthly newsletter, website & Facebook:


Christy Millat – weekly Bulletin


Valda Rosado – monthly newsletter


Kristen Mark Hughes – website and Facebook




Try to use a portable microphone from the AV room in order for all attendees to be able to hear the person speaking. Also, close off the double doors to the lobby and ask the kitchen staff to communicate as quietly as possible.


Ceiling lights are normally turned out for video, Power Point slideshow or video. (Switch is in the corner between the glass doors and kitchen….. reminder to turn lights on after show is completed).




It is the responsibility of the Discussion Group Committee to schedule the TOPICS for each Sunday.  Topics will come from a wide variety of sources: UUCLC members, committees, Board of Directors, environment experts, people who can address social issues.  When no UUCLC or outside group has scheduled a presentation, the Discussion Group Committee will choose an interesting topic or provocative question and facilitate that Sunday Discussion.




Committee responsibilities include:


  1. Select TOPICS to be discussed.
  2. Select the Facilitator / Speaker
  3. Take the lead in determining when a person has talked too long or strayed too far from the topic. (Enforce 3 minute rule).
  4. Promote the idea that Group Discussion is a non- confrontation environment.
  5. Monitor discussion and at 10:15 stop the discussion and give those attendees who have not talked an opportunity to speak.
  6. Provide substitute facilitator if the scheduled person is unable to attend.  Often the Discussion Group Committee will not be either the speaker or facilitator.  Facilitator should not be part of the general discussion UNLESS HIS/HER COMMENTS ARE NEEDED.
  7. The Discussion Group record keeper will be responsible for keeping a listing of all the reserved Sunday dates, scheduled topics, and facilitators. That person will develop and maintain a chart.




  1. The purpose of the UUCLC DISCUSSION GROUP is to give everyone in attendance an opportunity to speak. Please keep your words / actions respectful.  Reminder-this not a debate.
  2. The three (3) minute rule shall be observed.  Each speaker is expected to be able to share their opinion on the topic in 3 minutes or less the first time they speak. After everyone has had a chance to speak, they can share for another 3 minutes. It will be the responsibility of the Discussion Group Committee to take the lead in asking that person to stop talking.
  3. If someone either goes significantly off topic or a person talks significantly longer than three (3) minutes either the FACILITATOR or the Discussion Group Committee shall end their discussion, thank them for their comments, ask for the next person who wants to speak.
  4. At 10:45 a Discussion Group member shall stop the discussion that is in progress, and ask, “Those in the group who have not spoken and want to talk, raise your hand and you will be called upon to share”. These people will be allowed 1-3 minutes to share based on number of people that in this group. After all these people have had a chance to share, the meeting will return to a general discussion format with the facilitator calling on people in attendance to speak.