COVID Update – No Small Group Meetings in the Church at This Time

Based on the recommendations of the Safe Congregation Committee, the board is closing the church to all small group meetings until the Covid numbers indicate that it is safe to resume.  Meanwhile, the Sunday services are live with restrictions that include KN95 or N95 masks, social distancing, limited capacity, and social gatherings outside only and with masks. The decision to return to Zoom services will depend on the trend of Covid activities in our area as well as recommendations of the CDC and UUA. The congregation will be notified if this scenario is necessary.

Janeane Reagan, Acting President

Due to the recent emergence of the rapidly spreading and highly transmissible Omicron variant, we are recommending that our original COVID precautions be reimplemented.  All members are urged to receive the vaccine and booster. Masks must be worn for all church events inside and outside the building.  The KN95 mask is again preferred for added protection.  Refreshments will still not be served. Social distancing must be maintained.  And starting December 27th, no small group meetings will be allowed in the building but should continue gathering using our Zoom technology.  Tai Chi can continue to meet safely outside wearing masks.  At this time, the New Year’s Day drumming event will not be impacted as long as masks are worn. 

The Safe Congregation Committee will continue to monitor the situation, and it may be necessary to recommend that we suspend in-person services in the near-future.  This will require WRaP and our Tech Team to develop a Plan B.

We regret this unfortunate need to re-tighten our UUCLC COVID guidelines.  But the health and safety of our Congregation must come first. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Moore, Safe Congregation Chairperson

Bernie Greenberg

Julie Twist

Christina Wilkins