New Class: Using Your Mind to Help Manage Chronic Pain
Beginning February 17, 2023

More than 50 million Americans struggle with some form of chronic pain condition that impacts their quality of life on a daily basis. Perhaps you are one of them.  Modern medicine works hard to find new and better ways to reduce pain, but many people still suffer. The use of mental strategies for pain management have been well supported by research for more than 4 decades and can help chronic pain sufferers live better lives. Here is a class in which you can learn some of these strategies.

Class will Start on Friday, February 17 from 1:30 to 3:00 at UUCLC and will end on April 7. Limited space. Sign up sheet in the narthex. All materials will be provided but bring a notepad and pen. The following topics will be covered over the 8 weeks of this course:

  1. How pain sensations are processed in the brain
  2. The relationship between stress and pain activation
  3. How thoughts and emotions affect pain experience
  4. Mental tools to reduce the impact of chronic pain on your life, particularly through mindfulness and cognitive strategies.
  5. Lifestyle choices that effect your pain experience.

To benefit from this class, expect to practice various techniques between sessions, complete homework, and participate in class discussions. This class is strictly educational. It is not therapy and is not intended to replace medical care for any pain condition.  

A donation of $60 is suggested, but all are welcome regardless of the amount you can donate. A donation box will be provided to assure privacy. All donations benefit UUCLC.

The class is offered by Janeane Reagan, PhD, clinical psychologist who worked in conjunction with chronic pain clinics for many years before retiring. Contact her if you have questions. (352-643-0126)

Coming Soon: Hindsight, Humor and Hope; Who Me an Elder?

Last fall, Celia Everist taught Hindsight, Humor and Hope; Who Me an Elder? The class will meet again starting in February or March. Stay tuned.

A Brief Description

Some of you may remember that about four years ago we offered an Adult Education Class with that title that met with some success! With several of us now reaching closer to that time of our lives, we are offering it again, with some revisions to better adapt to our new way of life. As we approach or enter that phase of our life; what are we remembering? thinking about? preparing for?  looking forward to?  dreading?