Whether you’re searching for meaning, mending a broken heart, or simply needing some friends who share your values, Unitarian Universalism is here for you: connecting, caring, healing.

Unitarian Universalism connects you with real people: people who will be real with you. Learning and laughing across generations and cultures, we build relationships of care and support.

Every congregation, group, and network within our movement has its own special ways of connecting and caring. Whatever your age and stage, you can meet people, engage in groups and programs, and volunteer in ways that build community and nurture others.

Here at UUCLC, our committees, ongoing activities, and seasonal classes provide a range of opportunities to be a part of our community.  In fact, we rely on folks getting involved to keep UUCLC strong.

Our committees in particular can use your help.  Do you like talking with people?  Maybe the Membership Committee would be a good spot for you.  Do you have experience with video, audio or internet communications?  The Communications Committee would love to have you.  Do you have an education background?  Lifespan Faith Development  might be the spot for you.  How about gardening?  Building and Grounds is always looking for helping hands.

We invite you to explore these opportunities and find your niche.