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UUCLC Marches in the Leesburg MLK Jr. Parade

It was very cold on Saturday morning January 20, but nine stalwart
UUCLC marchers turned out to walk in the annual Leesburg parade to
commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to civil
rights.     We were a colorful group, as we carried … read more.

Celebrating MLK Event: A Resounding Success

Jane Hepting had a dream that a mostly white church and a mostly black church would come together to host a celebration to honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Her dream became a reality.  Jane and Rev. Michael J. Watson from Friendship CME … read more.

Thank you from SJEC

The SJEC thanks everyone who participated in the Holiday ReUse Bring and Buy.  Thank you for your donation of items!  Thank you for your purchases!  Thank you Sandy Davenhall for all your amazing art creations! Over $600 was raised for SJEC projects and contributions to … read more.

Local Opportunity to Recycle Plastics

Trout Lake Nature Center is participating in the NexTrex Recycling Challenge to recycle unwanted and difficult to recycle plastics. NexTrex is working to divert plastic waste away from landfills and instead give it a new life as beautiful and sustainable decking. 95% of the plastic … read more.