Author: Val Rosado


UUCLC is a proud supporter of Lake County Conservation Council’s Eco Expo to be held Saturday, March 2 at Lake Square Mall (10401 US Hwy 441, Leesburg), featuring many exhibits and special presentations.  Here are descriptions of the topics that will be covered….

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Ruth King Sings at February 18 Service

Ruth King is an American musician, performing artist, songwriter, and author.  Musically, her original vibe is described as Acoustic Blues.  Ruth has performed for many at the House of Blues, on college circuits, and to music festival audiences nationally.

2024 finds Ruth singing songs and presenting … read more.

UUSC To Visit UUCLC February 9th

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is recognized worldwide for its advocacy and grass roots partnerships to further its three strategic priorities: international justice and accountability, climate and disaster justice, and migration justice.  Since its founding in 1940 to help assist European refugees endangered by … read more.

Yoga for Self Care Class Begins November 1st

Welcome to a basic introduction to chair yoga.  We use the chair for support with seated and standing yoga postures.  Enjoy the benefits of Mindful breathing – Mindful moving – Mindful attitude.

In this class, taught by Certified yoga teacher Nancy LaPointe, you will … read more.