Author: UUCLC

COVID Restrictions Lifted – September 25, 2022

The Safe Congregation Committee is happy to report that Covid Risk Status in Lake County is now Low.  CDC guidelines do not require masks at this level. It is recommended to:

Stay up to date with Covid VaccinesGet tested if you have symptomsPeople may mask at … read more.

The Faith Club – A Reader’s Theater

Join us October 8, 2022, as three local women read dialogue from the book The Faith Club which reflects the true story of three women, a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew who who came together following the tragedy of 9/11. Learn more…

Show Off Your UU Values with a Side with Love T-shirt

Christina Wilkins is taking orders/payments through July 13th.

UU yellow “Side with Love” shirts are a beacon at rallies and marches.  The color makes us stand out in the crowd and lets people know that we value love!  Wearing this shirt can help to promote our … read more.

Special Guest Speaker at 9:30 Discussion Group June 12

Bruce Cusic will speak about the Lake County LGBTQ+ community and specifically the Triangle Connection (TC) organization. With the transgender community facing the most hardships, Bruce will spend a considerable amount of time addressing transgender issues of today.

TC began 17 years ago when a group … read more.

Race Amity Day in Lake County-June 12 at 2 PM

We are joining other counties in Florida and throughout the United States in celebrating Race Amity Day 2022. The Lake County Commission has proclaimed the second Sunday in June Race Amity Day in Lake County.