“Today, I had the privilege to talk to the congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County! They are the real deal! I can not tell you what a pleasure it was to speak to them about core beliefs we have in common, like social justice, combating homelessness and food insecurity, mutual aid, and improving the lives of all LGBTQIA+ individuals here in Lake County. They were so welcoming, affirming, and kind!  I look forward to working with them on joint initiatives we have in common in the future!”  Danielle Olivant, Lake County Pride

Welcoming Congregation Committee Chair Chris Cleveland (bottom, left) with Triangle Connection members at One Flight Up in Mount Dora

UUCLC is a Welcoming Congregation, recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association since June 24, 2012. This means we affirm and include people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer at every level of congregational life—in worship, in program, and in social occasions—welcoming them as whole people.

Through the leadership of our Welcoming Congregation Committee, we are actively involved with three local LGBTQIA+ organizations:  Lake County Pride, Triangle Connection and Rainbow Family and Friends of the Villages.  We have made charitable contributions to Lake County Pride, who provide safe connections for LGBTQIA+ youth, and the FitzLane Project, which funds counseling for transgender people.  We participate in community activities such as distributing LGBTQIA+ children’s books at the 2023 Tavares Pride Celebration sponsored by Lake County Pride.

Recognizing that there’s always more to learn, we continue to educate ourselves and support this marginalized community through Sunday morning discussions and services, as well as other sources and opportunities that present themselves.

Triangle Connection members attend a UUCLC “Say Gay” service