2024 EcoExpo Lake County Let’s Go Green

EcoExpo 2024 was held on Saturday March 2 at the Lake Square Mall.  For this third annual EcoExpo there were displays by conservation organizations, government agencies, and “green” businesses. There was also a full day of speakers on conservation topics, a native plant sale, a display of posters entered in the Climate First Bankposter contest, and a gallery of maps of geographical information for Lake County.
UUCLC had its best conservation display yet for EcoExpo 2024, with panels on our solar energy investment, our pollinator wildlife garden, and recycling guidance. We had lots of traffic at our display and gave away 200 packets of coreopsis seeds so that people could plant their own pollinator garden, almost 200 children’s coloring sheets on conservation
topics, and about 40 recycling brochures. The following people all took a turn staffing the UUCLC display during the day: Claudia Marshall, Susan Zingale-Baird, Susan Moore, Rev. Cynthia, Sandy Davenhall, Darian Walker, Henry Millat, Barb Hill, Hong Xiao, and Karen Woolhouse.

Jane Hepting of UUCLC chaired the entire event, with Karen Frank and Karen Woolhouse serving on the steering committee, and Bill Davenhall created the gallery of 20 GIS maps. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard, and thank you also to the congregation members who made a special trip to the Mall to visit our display and give us their support.
UUCLC members made a big difference to the success of EcoExpo 2024.